I am trying to create a login facility on my wap site, It works u until the point where the user enters the correct info and I need to give them access to the secured page, however how do I do this exclusively from returning the same option for failed login attempts.

The response.redirect "url" //method doesnt work, I've tried using wml and neither does that. How can I exclusively provide the succeslful login with a link.

Current code

dim dbConn, sql, empl

set dbConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection&quot
dbConn.open("dsn=TriBe 1&quot

sql = "SELECT * FROM Brits WHERE CybroNom='"&Request.Form("cybronom&quot&"' AND Password='"&Request.Form("password&quot&"'"
set empl = dbConn.Execute(sql)

if empl.EOF then
Response.Write "Invalid Login."
Response.Write "securedpage.wml" //HERE IS THE PROBLEM
end if

set empl = Nothing
set dbConn = Nothing