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Thread: about PoC API

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    about PoC API

    Hello everyone,

    We are thinking about integrating PoC service into our product, and we think the directest and easiest way to do it is asking PoC Partnering API from forum Nokia, since Nokia phone already integrates PoC service, so we requested Nokia PoC API from forum Nokia.

    Then my question is what stuff usually contained in Nokia partnering API? Header files, libraries? and any other documents to show how to use these functions in API? maybe with an simple example?

    Since the API we got are only header files... we are wondering any other materials available to make us familiar with the usage of PoC API?

    It is appreciated that if you know something about PoC API.


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    Re: about PoC API

    API partnering as it is currently, does not contain technical support, thus you will get the headers & required libraries for the use case, and if we have ready made exmaple, you could also get it.

    But if you want technical support, you need to open techical support request. And in most cases (and as it it said in: http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/tech...nical_support/), you should always open techincal support first, before opening API partnering request.

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    Re: about PoC API

    If you are launchpad or pro members you can get this SDK from the Tools & SDK section.
    Download Symbian OS now! [url]http://developer.symbian.org[/url]

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    Re: about PoC API

    You can contact me for POC function. we provide PoC Service. MSN:guiyuzhao@hotmail.com

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