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    Exclamation Data Points


    As a novice to the platform and the SDK (S60), I would appreciate your expert comments and pointers with the respect to the feasibility of accessing the following pieces of data on the mobile device, by means of APIs provided by the Series 60 SDK:

    • s/w version (of the platform)
    • h/w version (of the platform)
    • registered name (the name with which the user is registered with the service provider)
    • Cell # (home location of the registered user)
    • Carrier specific details

    Our customer would like to have these pieces of data gleaned from the user of a symbian application that we are in the process of developing.

    Highly appreciate your time.


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    Re: Data Points

    you could look into CTelephony for the cell ID & operator name. For others you could try doing a bit of searching here as well as in the Wiki.

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    Re: Data Points

    • s/w version (of the platform) POSSIABLE
    • h/w version (of the platform) POSSIABLE
    • registered name (the name with which the user is registered with the service provider) NOT POSSIABLE
    • Cell # (home location of the registered user) POSSIABLE [Home Network, can't find his address]
    • Carrier specific details Some parameters POSSIABLE

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