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    Question List with Serach text field


    I have developed an application, which read contacts from phone book and display in list. if there are more than 100 contacts in phone book than it is very difficult to go to the 90th contact.

    so i want to show a search textfield with list, when user press any character in this field, list will focus to that match contact.

    I m not able to show textfield under list, how it is possible?

    for this purpose
    I have created a form and append search field on it but i m not able to append list in form.

    Is it possible or alternate....

    Thanks in advance....

    Muhammad Faheem

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    Re: List with Serach text field

    Hi There,

    There in no readymade componet available in J2ME that supports the searchable list. To have this type of functionality you need to develope your own custom control using canvas.


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    Question Re: List with Serach text field

    Thanks for rply

    But how can i add/append high-level objects like list, search text field in canvas.

    any idea please...

    or there is any way to display both controls (list & textField) in midlet.

    Thanks in Advance


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    Re: List with Serach text field


    In J2ME, you can have Canvas and other Form's elements using CustomeItem (e.g. http://www.java2s.com/Code/Java/J2ME...ItemMIDlet.htm)
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    List with Serach text field

    Use J2ME Polish to meet Your Requirement .Go through the below URL:


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    Re: List with Serach text field

    Hi Muhammad Faheem,

    as told in the various other replies, you can do this in two ways:

    * using high-level UI components: basically, a Form with a TextField and some dinamically added/removed Items (CustomItems should be the best choice)

    * using low-level, Canvas-based UI: with this option you should implement the whole interface elements and user interaction from the grounds up. If you want to avoid that, you could also try to take a look at available Java ME UI frameworks to see if some of them can suit your needs

    Hope it helps,

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