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Thread: Signing my Jar

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    Signing my Jar

    i was wondering, if i sign my jar what options it will gives me more than when it's unsigned?
    can i get data from the sim, like the id of the sim card or the phone number ?
    another question, is there any tutorial of the whole proccess of signing a jar? starts with buying the licence and the actual signing?

    Thank you
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    Re: Signing my Jar

    For the process of signing, you better choose one of certificate provider first, for e.g. Verisign, go to there website and look for the tutorial part of signing.

    In short, the process of signing is simple. If u use WTK:
    - Create keystore-->Generate CSR-->Send to the certificate provider-->get the cert-->Import back to the original keystore.
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    Re: Signing my Jar

    When you sign, you get a little less confirmation dialogs (by default) and you have also wider variety of optional settings for the API permissions.
    Additionally on some devices you might get some additional system properties from the system. However, that varies from phone to phone.

    What comes to phone number, the phone often does not know that at all. It might be on the SIM card but it might not be in there.


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    Re: Signing my Jar

    Hello RamiX,

    Hartti said:

    When you sign, you get a little less confirmation dialogs (by default) and you have also wider variety of optional settings for the API permissions.
    Hartti is of course referring to this:

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    Re: Signing my Jar

    Hi RamiX,

    adding to the good replies above, you can get introductory infos and step-to-step guide to sign your apps on these Forum Nokia Wiki pages:


    Hope it helps,

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