Does anyone have any tips on usining this combination, I have just completed the installation and pairing. It is frustrating that there is scant information on what the range of functionality is available.
It was particularly frustrating to find that the headset does not automatically connect to the phone when turned on.

I have discovered a method that will connect the two without having to use the phone menu, which tends to deafeats the object of having hands free, if you have to scroll through menus to connect the two devices first. Especially whilst driving you might as well use the voice dial and be done with.

My tip is to switch on the headset then press the activation button once again this will then connect the two devices, now press any button on the phone to stop the bleeps through the headset.
The phone has to be set up with Bluetooth on and no connection confirmation required in the phone menu, but this is a once only setup.
You can turn on & off the headset & connect to the phone by using the activation button on the headset.
The headset will also connect if turned on when an incoming call is received.
It is logical therefore to have the headset turned off and only turn it on when required for use, so conserving your battery.

I still haven't cracked the voice dialing yet without using the top right button on the phone to set it up.

Has anyone else got any useful tips on using this setup?