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    java app for symbian

    hi all
    i am able to develop applications for nokia 7650 in java.....but the problem is how to generate .sis file???? i have followed all the steps provided for cpp apps but they are not working...

    can any one send complete java application including generating the .sis file which will work in nokia 7650...

    thanks in advance
    mail me at rajsekhar@applabsindia.net

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    Probably the same will apply:

    There is two programming language:
    - Java
    - C++
    - others...

    As far as I know, java application not use the sis(install)-files, but use jad and jar files to distribute their application.
    Do not use or follow anything related to .cpp (C++) when you programming (create classes) in Java.
    Both programming language is called object oriented, but so far there is not much more similarity.

    Thanks in advance for thinking(and reading information main sources) next time, before posting some question here,

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