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    Commiting change on CMsvEntry using ChangeL leaves


    I want to iterate trough the inbox using filter for only SMS type of messages and mark every message with the certain address pattern as invisible and read one. The problem is with the call to CMsvEntry::ChangeL function (it leaves with error -46 which I think is KPermissionDenide). The function works fine on emulator but leaves happen only on device.

    Here is the part of the code, which makes the change:

    // Create new selection list
    iSelection = new (ELeave) CMsvEntrySelection();

    // Create the message filter
    CMsvEntryFilter* messageFilter = CMsvEntryFilter::NewLC();
    messageFilter->SetType( KUidMsvMessageEntry ); // message entry
    messageFilter->SetMtm( KUidMsgTypeSMS ); // we want only SMS messages
    // set order with no grouping, sort by date and show invisible
    messageFilter->SetOrder(TMsvSelectionOrdering(KMsvNoGrouping, EMsvSortByDate, ETrue));

    // Get all filtered messages from the Global Inbox
    iMsvSession->GetChildIdsL( KInbox, *messageFilter, *iSelection );
    // we do not need the filter any more

    RArray<TInt> noneCmdEntries;

    TMsvId serviceID; // the ID of the service that owns the entry
    TMsvEntry entry; // the index of an entry
    for(TInt index = 0; index < iSelection->Count(); index++)
    // Take the entry and the service that owns the entry from the given entry TMsvID
    iMsvSession->GetEntry((*iSelection)[index], serviceID, entry);

    // Check the entry address if its match the pattern
    if (entry.iDetails.FindF(KAddressPattern) != KErrNotFound)
    delete iMsvEntry;
    iMsvEntry = NULL;

    // Get the entry
    // Taking an ownership of this CMsvEntry so we are responsible of deleting it
    iMsvEntry = iMsvSession->GetEntryL(entry.Id());

    // set message as read one
    // set message invisible flag to true
    // Sets the context's index entry to the current entry
    // Commit the changes
    // It is not an SMS we are looking for
    } // for

    // CMsvEntry is relatively expensive in RAM usage.
    // They should therefore be created sparingly.
    // We do not need the entry any more so we can delete it.
    delete iMsvEntry;
    iMsvEntry = NULL;

    Does anyone know why ChangeL leaves with -46 and what I have to do to fix this?

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    Re: Commiting change on CMsvEntry using ChangeL leaves

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