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    S60 Contacts app to add contacts not working on device

    I compiled one of the sample apps in S60 rd edition SDK


    and installed it on my Nokia E62 phone.

    The app runs just fine on the emulator.
    But on the phone, only the 'read only' behavior is working, i.e
    I am able to only do the following:
    - open Default Contacts DB, which lists all my contacts on the phone

    Whenever I try to add or edit or delete a contact, the application just closes without any failure message or Panic.

    All the above things work just fine on the emulator.

    I have the following capabilities in the .mpp file

    Any ideas what could be going on. I even added a TRAP stmt to the line which calls "addContactL" and log the error, but that does not help.

    ////////////////////////// code snippet //////////
    TRAPD(err, cardId = iContactDb->AddNewContactL(*card);
    if (err != KErrNone )
    iLog.WriteFormat(_L("Failed adding the contact error code : %d"), err);
    iLog.Write(_L("Added the contact to db"));


    Some times after the write attempt, if I go to Addressbook, get messages like:
    Possible Database corruption
    Address book already in use.

    Any ideas what could I be doing wrong here.
    Is it possible that Addressbook app and this ContactDB app are having locking issue on the contacts.cdb file.

    Also where can i find the default 'contacts.cdb' file on the device.

    I am really out of ideas at this point, any pointers would be very much appreciated.
    Sometimes the

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    Re: S60 Contacts app to add contacts not working on device

    forgot to mention, my phone is Nokia E62 which has Symbian OS v9.1

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    Re: S60 Contacts app to add contacts not working on device

    I think you are missing certain capabilities.

    Add WriteDeviceData and ReadDeviceData in your .mmp file and try it again.

    So it should be something like:
    CAPABILITY ReadUserData WriteUserData WriteDeviceData ReadDeviceData
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