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    Thumbs up Regarding Application settings

    Hello friends,

    Q: How to store application data and access it by application (not allow user to use it/access it), without appl manager issuing "allow read/user data".

    Furthur explaination,
    I developed an application which uses File Connection API (JSR 75).

    I am accessing some files (media files) which are place in Memory card.

    When I am running the application, it showing a message:

    "Allow application <app_name> to read user data".

    Actually, the data which I am reading is not user data. It is application data. Its my assumption only.

    If the data, which I provided, is application data, then it may not prompt those questions (its my guess only).

    if so, how to make my data to be application data. Is there any way to store my data as application data??

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    Re: Regarding Application settings

    Hi Manoj,

    accessing local filesystem with FileConnection API will always show permission popups to user. If you want to totally remove those prompts from your application, then you should consider about signing your app: you can find useful informations on these links


    As an alternative solution, you could consider about using RMS to store your application data, since it'll not require any special permissions, and you'll be able to store/read your data without any warnings to the user.


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