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    is there *any* way to record & process sound on a 6310i

    Is there any way that I can
    write a java app ,
    write a game or
    write custom firmware
    for a 6310i so that I can record a sound (a digital waveform) and then do something with it (process it and display a result, send via bluetooth...)

    I have looked closely at the MIDP and it provides no API for accessing digital sound. PJAE javax.telephony.phone looks like it may provide such facilities but that's on 9200's only. The 7650 and other Symbian 60 probably allow it easily, but *can i do it with the 6310i*?

    If it requires programming in C++, Java or even assembler then that's ok - just *can it be done*? Is it possible to write our own variants of firmware for a phone (I know it is probably totally unsupported, voids warranty, could break phone...)

    Would it be possible if the phone were using a bluetooth headset - can we open an http connection to the bluetooth handsfree using MIDP?

    Thank you very much in advance

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    RE: is there *any* way to record & process sound on a 6310i


    First, N6310i is not a Symbian OS-based phone, you cannot make any application with C++ for the phone. N6310i supports Java MIDP, repost your question in the Java section where Java experts can give you better answer.

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