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    [moved] Building in S40 3rd FP2 SDK

    I have downloaded S40 3rd FP2 SDK and installed, i want to build driver application for Nokia 5200 mobile.
    I have built same driver application in S60 3rd FP2 SDK version, but that cannot be deployed on Nokia 5200 mobile, since it supports S40 3rd FP2 SDK. How to build the same driver application in S40 SDK using command line.


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    Re: Building in S40 3rd FP2 SDK

    You want to build a driver in Java? Hmm, I must start learning J2ME then, it seems that it is more flexible than I've ever dreamed

    Still, this is in no way feedback (was it intended to be?) so I'm going to move the post to the Java general forum.
    -- Lucian

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    Re: [moved] Building in S40 3rd FP2 SDK

    No. My driver code is in C++.

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    Re: [moved] Building in S40 3rd FP2 SDK

    Hello msgurikar,

    AFAIK this is currently impossible, unfortunately. Series 40 is closed for such low level sw development.

    I'm not aware of any opening coming for Series 40 which would enable to access the low level sw development such as drivers.
    This is just pure guessing, but who knows, maybe some day and even with J2ME (yes, this last line is to encourage ltomuta's J2ME studies ).

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