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    XML-RPC in symbian

    hi friends,

    1) Is there any direct api for implementing XML-RPC in symbian?

    2) It has been implemented in j2me, Is there any way to cal the j2me through symbian program?

    himanshu k.
    symbian application developer.

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    Re: XML-RPC in symbian

    I'm not aware of any implementation, but you could google it and see if anything exists. In the worst case, you could even port an existing implementation to symbian.

    I wouldn't go for 2).. it can be done but it's too much overhead for this.

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    Re: XML-RPC in symbian

    Hey all,

    XML-RPC implementation for the Symbian platform is available here: http://xmlrpcclientlib.sourceforge.net/

    Best regards,
    Adrian Dydecki

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