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    Question [Moved] Series 40 theme Studio issues on Windows XP

    Hi, I hope I've started this in the right place...

    I have a Nokia 6300 and have recently downloaded Series 40 Theme Studio 2.2 in order to spiffy it up a bit with the use of my own neurons. I've read around a bit, and it seems that that's the right version to use for my phone model. My one (big) problem is that the program itself doesn't really start... The download went well, as did the installation, but when I try to run the program all I get is a blank screen. I tried rebooting as well as reinstalling and downloading another file (even another, earlier, version of TS), but to no avail.

    I would really appreciate any kind of help or suggestions on this matter, and I thank you in advance.


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    Re: Series 40 theme Studio issues on Windows XP

    Hi and welcome to the Forum Nokia discussion boards.

    Please try the new tool for creating themes, Carbide.ui, and see if it works. And the place for theme related discussions is this section of the forum.

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    Re: [Moved] Series 40 theme Studio issues on Windows XP

    can you tell me about registration of program "nokia series 40 themes studio"?
    User: MARINA
    Organization: HOME
    Serial: ########### (please help me now)

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    Re: [Moved] Series 40 theme Studio issues on Windows XP

    You should contact nokia.forum.team@nokia.com for registration problems.


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