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    web connection through midlet 7650

    I have an application that allows you to input data and then brings up a progress bar and tries to establish a gprs connection to post the data to a server. When this happens the progress bar stops and the midlet stops responding. Does establishing a web connection through a midlet just not work on teh 7650. The same thing happened with an older verison of teh 6310i.



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    RE: web connection through midlet 7650


    I hope you upgrade your SW to the new version if your
    current version is 3.12 or 3.16.

    There is some problems in 7650 with SW 3.12 and 3.16
    HTTP-version problem is due to for the localisation,
    standard routines is used to convert HTTP version to a string
    when sending to the web server..
    This works fine in any "Western" style encoding where the
    decimal point "." is used, but for example in Finnish you use
    the comma "," char instead of the decimal point and hence the
    string being produced was "HTTP/1,1" instead of "HTTP/1.1"
    So use "English" languge

    In SW version 3.12 there is also en error, which converts
    http POST to http GET.

    So these are SW errors in 7650(SW 3.12 and 3.16), and new uppgrade SW 4.39 should have fixed these problems
    so I hope you can update you 7650.

    It is good way to use thread in your http connection because if something goes wrong then it will not block totally your midlet,
    and use finally{ } block at the end of try {] catch() to close connection and set the streams to null, if you use it to avoid any possible problems what comes when connection is not closed.

    I hope this helps you out

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