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    Question Loss of data after software update N73

    I performed a software update without a prior backup and am now looking for a way to recover my contacts and messages. Help would be very much appreciated!!

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    Re: Loss of data after software update N73

    No can do (which is why Nokia Software Update puts up a warning that asks you to confirm that you have backed up your data before proceeding).

    If you did not do a backup, save the data otherwise by synchronizing with a PC, or some such mechanism, and it is gone after a firmware update, then it is gone for good (no way to recover it).

    With some of the newer devices, user data is preserved, but in the case of the N73 if it is gone, it is gone, I'm afraid.

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    Re: Loss of data after software update N73

    In your case,because Nokia Software Update probably overwrite the whole Phone internal storage space,your old data can not be recovered.

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