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    [Help] Simple Application needed.

    Hello there,

    A friend of mine wanted to put an icon to an .xls (Excel file) in the main menu of his phone. Is this possible or must an application be created to be put in the main menu?

    The .xls file is Football (Soccer) fixtures for next season (this is just extra info).

    Here is link:
    Replace 'XX' with 'tt'.

    I have no programming skills as of yet but does an application already exist which can act as a shortcut?

    Any help will be appreciated.
    Thank You.

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    Re: [Help] Simple Application needed.

    Which phone model(s) do you (or your friend) want to do it on/with?

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    Re: [Help] Simple Application needed.

    Quote Originally Posted by petrib View Post
    Which phone model(s) do you (or your friend) want to do it on/with?
    I'm sorry I forgot to mention, Nokia N73 Symbian OS 9.1 .

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