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Thread: SMS Java API

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    SMS Java API

    Please help...

    What is the best (are the good) SMS Java APIs available?
    (A SMS Java API that is comprehensive and/or easy to understand/integrate.) Is the SMSlib / smslib.org ok to use?
    (I'm trying to make a very simple program/connection between my pc/Windows XP to my phone 6500c)

    thanks in advance.

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    Re: SMS Java API

    Are you saying that you want a Java API/library to use on a PC running Windows to send/receive SMS?

    The Nokia PC Suite APIs has the APIs for SMS, but they are not Java APIs but Windows COM APIs (not usable from Java, unless you use JNI and also write the JNI layer).

    Otherwise, you can, if you can configure the phone to appear as a modem to the PC to simple serial port connectivity and AT commands for sending/receiving SMS, but what you can do with the AT commands varies by phone (and I have no idea what extent it works to with the 6500c).

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