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    Nokia Phone User Agent

    It seems that Nokia 7210 and Nokia 6610 share the same User Agent.
    Shouldn't the User Agent be unique for each phone ?
    If the answer is no, than how is it possible to recognize one phone from another ?

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    RE: Nokia Phone User Agent


    Each phone model sends a unique User agent name. The User agent header for Nokia 6610 is Nokia6610/1.0 (xx.yy) and for Nokia 7210 it is Nokia7210/1.0 (xx.yy) where xx.yy is the software version.

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    Re: Nokia Phone User Agent


    I have one query regarding to update "user-agent" header for httpconnection for series 40 devices. I have modified and set "User-Agent" property with "Appname version rv:0 (Nokia; 06.97; en_IN)" as per server settings even server not responding 200.

    Same query when i hit with Mozilla poster i got 200 response and problem with google chrome and from JSR118.

    Is it problem with "User-Agent" overridden or else.Please help me and give me some suggestion regarding to update "User-agent" header.


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