First: I would NOT access the phonebook DIRECTLY from my j2me application, i know, for security reasons this is not possible.

But i would like to create a j2me form with an "PHONENUMBER" field where the user could select a number from the phonebook.

I have tried this, but the phone (at least the emulator) does not provide a phonebook-selection. Is this true?

I have tried the same midlet in the Siemens M50 Emulator and guess what, i am able to select a number from the phonebook. GREAT.

I think this might not be a security hazard to allow this, since the user has to "active" select an phone-number from the addressbook.

For a driving-logbook application i would like to let the user select a "customer" from the phonebook, i could associate the phone-number with the customer on the server.