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    as3 to flash lite


    I have a huge code written in Flash9-AS3. As far as I understand, the only way to run this code in a mobile device is to convert it into Flash8-AS.

    I missed something? Does anyone have any better idea?

    I don't know whether this is the right place to ask such a question. But any idea, any experience will be so valuable..


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    Re: as3 to flash lite


    You are correct, Flash Lite 2.x/3.0 uses a sub-set of Flash 8 code and can support AS2.

    What does your code do? This will help to understand if its possible to convert to Flash Lite, as there are a lot of AS2 classes Flash Lite does not support. You can look in the help file in Flash CS3 to view all the code Flash Lite 2.x/3.0 supports.


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    Re: as3 to flash lite

    Simply, it's a game containing composing tools. In fact, I'm willing to transfer that "light" tools to mobile, not the game itself.
    I will check the help asap, but apparently as3 to as2 conversion is not enough
    Thank you so much for this fast response...

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