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    consecutive alert display


    I want to perform following task:

    1. start application , n go to selected menu page
    2. while i m on selected menu page, i should collect incoming messages n store them in an array.
    3. when i will go back on to main menu , all the messages should be
    displayed on alert pages one by one i.e pressing ok alert page i should display next mesage, after last message main menu screen should be diplayed .
    4. after reading messages in this way they should be removed.

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    Re: consecutive alert display

    Hi prashant

    Assuming that you knows how your application can receive incomming messages (using PUSH registry),In my views the following can be done-

    You store all the incomming messages in a queue. this queue you can maintain using eiter Vector or array.

    Then pick one item from the queue, show it to the user and remove it from teh queue. once the user has pressed the OK button repeat the process again..

    Hope this will help you


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