This is a two part item relating to the Gallery application:

There seems to be a limit as to how many pictures that the gallery application will show. While I have 48 items selected to show, it will not show all the items. I am not sure if it is because I have been swapping my memory card thru various devices, and taking pics with those devices, but it seems that after a suite of pics earlier this month, I cannot get new items to show in the Public gallery that I created.

Can there be some options added to the Gallery application? Specifically:
- images per page
- export to Share on Ovi
- import album from Share on Ovi (make the link to the Share on Ovi album appear as a selectable gallery to visit)
- the ability to view ALL images on a given directory so that they can selected from one singular page to a created image gallery

There are thumbnails created in the gallery application, are these the images that are used for the Blog application (stretched and nasty those images get, but I was just wondering)