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    Mouse pointer in 3rd Ed?

    I found some API concerning mouse(i suppose) but have no clue how to use it.

    Some parts of this API:

    If anyone know how to use all these things you are welcome.

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    Re: Mouse pointer in 3rd Ed?

    Symbian OS supports many (or at least some) things which are not implemented in current devices. You can try if those API-s work (perhaps in the emulator, where pointer events are - were? - supported), but that is all, no available S60 devices have a mouse connected.

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    Re: Mouse pointer in 3rd Ed?

    I'm talking about mouse implemented via joystick like in native 3rd ED webbrowser.

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    Re: Mouse pointer in 3rd Ed?

    That is just something that is implemented inside the application, you could propably do same with your own application, by moving mous image on top of it, and then selecting what ever is under it when user clicks the button.

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