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    Automatic Look Up

    Hi all,

    want to add some sleek functionality to my midlet but don,t know how to do it.

    Want to have a control on my form such that as a user enters text in a text box, results are displayed below matching text entered.

    For example if a user types a,all names starting with a are displayed,if a user types al, results for al such as altar are displayed.

    Its something like intellisense in IDEs. Any clues?


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    Re: Automatic Look Up


    That can be achieved using Regular Expressions (RE). For you guys that don't know what RE are, read here:


    Java SE has a package that implements RE (java.util.regex) but unfortunately, Java ME doesn't provide it.

    If you are interested in the Java SE package, you can get more information here:


    Best Regards,
    Sebastian Montabone

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