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Thread: IAP questions

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    Question IAP questions

    hi, my app use RSocket to send some data to a remote server, and it works but as usual when you want to stablish a data connection, your phone ask you about what connection use, in the phone i have for testing, i have 3 diferents IAPS, so, the user set the initial IAP, everithing is great but if something happens like a network failure and you get disconnected, you have to reconnect, my app also do that, but i have to manually enter the IAP i allready choose at the beginning, ive search about a way to get the ID of the current connection, found it but now i have another issue, to use the same IAP via my programm, the info that i found uses RConnection, but i dont, i only use a simple RSocket, and the Documentation is obscure about it, since i havent found a way to set the IAP before i do my "iSocket.Connect()".

    I have create a RConnection when i reconnect, to obtain the IAP from my SocketServer is kind of easy but after that i havent made it work with the socket, the example in wiki talks only about RConnection, and the DOCs are alike.

    please some one knows something?

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    Re: IAP questions

    Try the Wiki. If you search for IAP you will get a rather useless page. In such situation try adding some redundant words to the search query, in order to avoid finding out the exact title of a page. For example Internet IAP is a good one.

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    Re: IAP questions

    Hi xchewy,

    Yes, you will need RConnection to set the IAP programatically so that you didn't get a prompt to select the IAP manually.
    You will need to set the preferences before RConnection.Start() using the following code:
    TCommDbConnPref prefs;
    // Create overrides (connection preference variable)
    prefs. SetDialogPreference(ECommDbDialogPrefDoNotPrompt);
    // Sets the CommDb ID of the IAP to use for this connection
    User::LeaveIfError( iConnection.Start(prefs) ); // RConnection instance

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