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    Compiling Chinese unicode for 7650/7210

    I am in the process of localising an application for the 7650/7210. I have converted the chinese character sets into the standard BIG5 unicode as below
    new StringItem("", "\uB943 \uC0B8 \uAABA \uA544 \uC344 \uAC4F \uAD6E \uC0B0 \uA755 \uAB43 \uB5EB \uC2F4 \uB94B"
    When compiled as above and tested on a chinese phone, the screen displays incorrectly showing a row of squares.
    I am compiling using the English version of the Series 60 emulator. My understanding is that when compiling for java you need to tell the compiler exactly which unicode type is being used for it to be able to interpret the code correctly.
    Do you have to do this for J2ME and how?
    Any help that can confirm I have the right unicode format (i.e it is or isn't meant to be big5), how to compile it correctly so it displays on Chinese phones, etc. would be greatly appreciated as there does not seem to be much information anywhere!

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    RE: Compiling Chinese unicode for 7650/7210

    Hi there,

    1) Your unicode seems to be Korean, rather than Chinese_traditional.
    2) to make sure your unicode display correctly, you can put them into a html page and check (convert all unicode like this, from \u78ba to &#x78ba.
    3) the fastest way I know to convert "big5" to "Unicode UCS4 Hex", is using the NJStar Communicator's Univerisal Code Convertor

    Hope this help.


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