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    Question Is there a lib of SMS Utilities for wins?

    I made a sms module which send and receive sms via socket, but there is no lib in SMS Utilities for Wins, also, I cannt complie the armv5 version. How to solve this?
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    Re: Is there a lib of SMS Utilities for wins?

    You have to provide more information like which SDK you are using and what compilation / linking error you are getting etc.

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    Re: Is there a lib of SMS Utilities for wins?

    Most API-s in the plugin packs are not available for the emulator, so forget winscw, and focus on the device targets.
    Note that if you have no RVCT (RealView Compiler Toolkit from ARM - it costs some money), you can build only for the GCCE target (which is free, however it also have to be installed: execute "CSL Toolchain (GCCE) Install" from the Start menu if you have not done that already).
    Otherwise tell us more about how you can not compile.

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