Do you have any clever ideas on how to make software testing more effective on mobile devices?

I am interested in all ideas but I'm most interested in methods that partly can automize the testing that now has to be done manually like going through test protocols and testing all the features of a program.

It is preferable if the suggested ideas are free to implement, but paid for solutions might also be interesting.

I have looked at the forum nokia remote device access service. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work very well, at least not on windows vista. I've tried it twice and on both times it stopped working quickly and caused some other problems as well. The service didn't have any advanced features anyway but it could have been useful once in a while.

I'm looking at two other solutions as well, namely Testquest and deviceanywhere. Both are paid for services, but unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any good open source solutions available (please correct me if I'm wrong!). I'm trying to get access to trials or demos but so far I haven't been successful in that (can't use the deviceanywhere trial since some other unknown person of our 400 employees has already signed up for the trial account).

All ideas are welcome!