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    USB and push regisrty

    1. Can you send a datagram or stream connection over a USB connection to automatically start a MIDlet? I need to autostart a MIDlet from a PC?
    2. Can you do that over Wifi?
    Thank you

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    Re: USB and push regisrty

    1) I do not think so

    2) use sockets (those are supported)


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    Re: USB and push regisrty


    MIDlets can start automatically in 3 ways:

    - Network connection
    - Specific predetermined time
    - Content Handlers

    I think you will be more interested in the first type. Network connections can be for instance a SMS message, or an incoming socket connection. You have to register your MIDlet with the push registry in order to start it automatically.

    I think the best choice would be creating sockets through a serial connection via Bluetooth or if you already have a serial connection via USB then you are almost done.

    Best Regards,
    Sebastian Montabone

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