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    Writing his own mp3 player

    Hi all,

    i'm new here.

    Since about 1 year I want to write my own little mp3 player.
    I've got an nokia n73 _NO_ music edition.

    Is it possible to write some mp3 player for the _NO_ music edition of the n73
    I simply thought i put the mp3 files on my card and start the mp3player application. And then it should works or?

    I never have develop some kind of software for mobile phone.:-)
    I know the normal Java since 1.4
    But J2ME is completly new for me.:-)

    I bet i need some kind of n73 develop simulator to simulate my stuff before transfair to my real phone.
    Where can i get something like that?

    I've found on the nokia download page some java for S60 develop SDK for download (455 MB). Is this the right stuff for me?

    I would like to develop with eclipse. Are there any plugins needed or are they intergrated with the SKD ?

    Thx for any reply


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    Re: Writing his own mp3 player

    The N73 (any and every edition) supports playing MP3 files without any additional applications.

    You can also use existing applications (with source code available, if you want to see how they do things): http://symbianoggplay.sourceforge.net/

    In Java (J2ME), you won't be asily decode and play arbitrary audio files, and you're pretty much limited to whatever audio decoders the Java environment lets you play (and it might be less than what the phone supports otherwise with native or built-in applications).

    Otherwise, see the various "how to" and "getting started" articles on this site (start with the wiki). And then if you have specific problems come back with specific questions.

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