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    [Moved] UI Problem

    Hi Friends i Have developed code to read multiple contacts in j2me,m y problem is while pressing fire button in Canvas the Buttons are appear instedof the multiple contacts selection......
    plz help me.....

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    Re: [Moved] UI Problem


    Your question is not very clear, but from what I could understand, you have a problem with a list, you need multiple selection and what you have now is that it only allows you to select one when you press fire.

    OK, if that's your question, the solution is changing your List constructor to this:

    List contactList = new List("Contacts", List.MULTIPLE);

    That way, you will be able to select more than one entry for the list.

    Best Regards,
    Sebastian Montabone

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    Re: [Moved] UI Problem

    Hi sivaraman3,

    I can remember of such behaviour with GameCanvas on some S40 phones, but don't know if this is your case. If it is, a possible solution to get back total control of FIRE command would be to avoid using Commands on low-level UI interfaces, and implement them with low-level primitives.


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