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    Quick question - (Internet-based) Application access


    I have a Nokia 5610 XpressMusic through T-Mobile (I also have 'T-Zones' with them, so I can go on the Internet just fine with my phone).

    Whenever I try to use a downloaded Internet-based application (like Google Maps or Opera Mini, I get this error:

    "Application access set to not allow

    This application cannot be used until you grant it permission to send and receive data over the network.

    When I go into my list of applications and highlight an application, I can click on 'Options' for that application and near the middle of the list it says 'Application access', but it is shaded out in grey and when I click on it it says "Not available for this application."

    Can anyone, anywhere help me? I've searched the entire Internet, contacted Nokia support (no response yet), looked through my user's manual, and I'm still at square one!!

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    Re: Quick question - (Internet-based) Application access

    Hi OhYeahKoolAid
    welcome to the forum nokia discussion boards.
    I advice you to post this question at http://discussions.europe.nokia.com.com as this forum is totally dedicated to developer related issues.
    And your seems a end user problem.


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