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    Exclamation Unable To Install Error after buliding a sis file after i unsis it ..


    I unsis a sis program ...

    because I wanted to change the program language to my own language " localizing the program language "

    i sued UNsis 3.1 by the3sky ....

    then i made a sis file using SISware ...

    when i sent the sis by bluetooth to my mobile to install it ...

    it gave me the error " Unable To Install "

    I tried to install the program itself with playing in it .. it succeeds ..

    so what I have done wrong ?!

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    Re: Unable To Install Error after buliding a sis file after i unsis it ..

    Quote Originally Posted by Hesham_3del View Post

    i sued UNsis 3.1 by the3sky ....
    You probably "used" that tool but it is also possible that you will be "sued" for modifying an application that you do not own.

    If you are a developer then study the SDK documentation and learn about installation problems. If you're a hobbyist hacker please find another forum to ask for help.
    -- Lucian

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    Re: Unable To Install Error after buliding a sis file after i unsis it ..

    best way indeed would be to contact the applicatioln developer, and offer help on localizing the application, then you might end up getting free versions of the developers applications, and also it would be legally excelently nice way.

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