My aim is to launch my custom java midlet when a user clicks on a particular url from the S60 browser. The information in the url needs to be passed to the midlet. My target platform is the Nokia 6220 Classic (S60 3rd FP2 SDK v1.1) which does not support JSR-211 so I have to find a non JSR-211 way of launching a midlet.

The method that I am currently experimenting with involves the following steps:

1. User navigates to page using S60 browser, page contains the following link:

<a href="">click me</a>

2. User clicks link, S60 browser requests myfile.imm from
3. returns myfile.imm using a servlet, the mime type of the file is not set in the response header
4. a custom Recognizer examines the file suffix of file myfile.imm and determines the mime type to be "application/myapplication"
5. the S60 browser launches the Document Handler associated with the "application/myapplication" mime type
6. The Document Handler associated with "application/myapplication" sends a datagram to containing the url of the file
7. The Java Midlet registered to listen on port 16079 is invoked and displays the url

The S60 browser however saves myfile.imm to the c:\downloads folde, rather than invoking the document handler.

Does anyone know how to get the S60 browser invoking a custom Document Handler instead of just saving the file to the downloads folder? My problem appears to be the same as that listed in the following post:

Anyone have any other ideas for invoking my midlet from the browser without the use of JSR-211?