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Thread: Gateway Issues?

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    Gateway Issues?

    Just asking if there are any issues with the gateway communication between the MWS and Nokia's side of things. I've had issues in connecting since the early AM today on my side (East Coast, USA) and so just wanting to throw this out there just in case anyone else might be having an issue so that it could be tracked down.
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    Red face Re: Gateway Issues?

    Hi Antoine RJ,

    I felt it go down at the beginning of the afternoon (Paris time) while I was working on a mapping mashup tool :-)

    Jukka replied to my mail this morning and they are working on it...

    Crossing fingers :-)

    Cheers !

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    Re: Gateway Issues?

    (back since a little bit ;-) )

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    Re: Gateway Issues?

    Hi, sorry about the service break! In the future please report any serious problems also via our support form: https://secure.mymobilesite.net/contact/

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