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    Polyphonics: channels/midi/phones

    Where can i find a complete list of nokia phones (and non-nokia) that supports polyphonic ringtones and, more important, how many voices/channel are suported for each of them?
    I've turned this site up-side-down and i wasn't able to find this kind of information.

    The second question i had in mind:
    Why is that the COD specifications aren't implemented on all new phones? I think this should become a standard like the 'jad' files for java apps download are. Or is there an alternate way of 'controling' and 'supervising' the download of mobile content over the air?

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    RE: Polyphonics: channels/midi/phones

    This is the info I have :

    Model Voices
    3510 4
    3510i 4
    7210 4
    3650 24
    7650 24

    No info on the newer models as yet...

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