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    Angry [moved] Problem with a Nokia 5610 Xpress Music



    I have a Nokia 5610, but i`m furious, because my phone don`t have a call timer, it`s the same problem with a Nokia 6131.


    Tengo un Nokia 5610, pero estoy furioso, porque mi telefono no tieme cronòmetro de llamadas, es el mismo problema con los nokia 6131.

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    Re: Problem with a Nokia 5610 Xpress Music

    hi Bubululu
    welcome to the forum nokia discussion boards.
    but sorry you are in the wrong discussion boards as forum okia discussion boards are dedicated to developer related issues only.
    Please post your query at the end-user forum.

    EDIT: Next time please post your questions at the General Discussions Forum.
    Hope it helps

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