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Thread: saving images

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    saving images


    i want to know whether all the images in mobile are stored using rms or something else? in my application i want to save captured images in device's "gallery/images" location.

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    Re: saving images

    I'd guess u could look into the JSR-75 API documentation, its also called FileConnection API...
    Also saving in the RMS could be an option, only ther might be a max memory size u can use and if i can recall corretcly u should use serialization to be able to save the data...

    there is another topic going on :

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    Re: saving images

    Hi prashantpersistent,

    to save images (or, more generally, data) on phone filesystem you should use, as told by Tiger79, FileConnection API.

    Also, to get the default storage directory for photos, regardless of the device, you could use "Fileconn.dir.photos" System property. To get more infos about similar System properties, you can take a look here:



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    Re: saving images


    I created a post about creating a mutable image on device and then using PNG encoder get its bytes so you can use it for RMS, network, file system, etc... check it out:



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