This board has been set up to collect developer feedback and ideas for the development of Mobile Service Architecture 2 (JSR 249).

JSR 249 defines the next generation API set for mobile devices. Its predecessor, Mobile Servicer Architecture 1 (JSR 248), is currently being deployed by several manufacturers, including Sony Ericsson, Motorola and Nokia. Please use this forum to provide feedback to the MSA 2 Expert Group on the currently available JSR 248 and on the JSR 249 specification (

An associated Mobile Service Architecture Blog has also been established at The blog will be used by the MSA specification leads (from Vodafone and Nokia) and MSA Expert Group members to provide regular updates on the specification progress and to raise some technical topics for discussion.

You can use this discussion board to discuss the JSR 248 and JSR 249 specifications and provide feedback on what you think is missing. You can also discuss issues with creating a single applicaton version for multiple devices. Mobile Service Architecture intends to reduce unnecessary platform differences between devices from different manufacturers and the expert group welcomes any feedback that will help us improve the specification.

Please note that the discussion board is not specific to Nokia. The discussion should be about the specification contents and specification requirements that are equally applicable to devices from different manufacturers. Please use other forums to discuss issues with specific devices from individual manufacturers.

You can also use the discussion board to ask the MSA spec leads and expert group members some questions. We will especially try to answer those questions that are of more general interest. Very specific questions you can also send directly to the MSA Expert Group via e-mail (jsr-249-comments (at)

Best regards,

MSA specification leads
Erkki Rysä (Nokia) and Kay Glahn (Vodafone)