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    Question Where does the app.sis drops the app.py ?

    can someone help me to understand where my app.sis is installing my app.py (contained in the app.sis) on the phone.

    I assume, the sis drops the app.py somewhere on the destination drive. When I start the app from its icon, the app.py is called somehow.

    But I could not find the app.py anywhere on the drive after installation.

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    Re: Where does the app.sis drops the app.py ?


    According to the Ensymble documentation:
    The source script or directory name. When a directory name is given, the
    directory structure is preserved under an application specific private
    directory ("\private\<uid>\") on the phone. A file called "default.py"
    is required to exist on the root of the directory given. This will be
    the main file that starts the application. (See option "--extrasdir"
    below for more options for file placement.)

    When a regular file name is given, it will be located under the
    application specific private directory, with the name "default.py".
    So, simply put, it's in a folder inside the private directory, and it'll be named "default.py".
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    Re: Where does the app.sis drops the app.py ?

    Quote Originally Posted by novis View Post
    But I could not find the app.py anywhere on the drive after installation.
    Assuming a 3rd Edition phone, what bogdan.galiceanu told you is correct. The default file manager on Nokia phones will show you C:\Data and the directories within. You're not able to back out of the Data directory to see Private, Resource, Sys or any other directories on the drive C: root. Even if you use a different file manager, it is not possible to go inside Private or Sys to see what's inside. Those directories are off-limits to regular applications.

    On a 2nd Edition phone, applications go under \System\Apps\Appname, where Appname is a short application-specific name, not necessarily the one displayed with an icon.

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