I've been struggling with the latest firmware (version 5.12) of the 6131 NFC phone. Here is the situation:
I developed last year a J2ME application allowing to demonstrate the NFC capabilities of the phone. At that time firmware version was 5.11. Today, I bought 2 new 6131 NFC phones now released with firmware 5.12. My application still runs but doesn't interact with the NFC connectivity of the phone: Tag reading, P2P communication, interaction with our NXP NFC reader...

I deployed and successfully tested on firmware 5.12 the samples provided with the 6131 NFC SDK. These samples also work on firmware 5.11. This meeans that no major changes have been done on the NFC API between the 2 firmware versions.

Is someome aware of any precautions that need to be taken for the development of J2ME applications now with firmware 5.12?