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    tdma 5125i phone

    I have downloaded and installed the pc conectivity SDK 3, and i have seen that it doesn't support my model. But it supports 7160, that is alike mine. I want to know if I can use some those commands in my phone?
    Another question is that I need to know when an call is incoming. Is it possible with 5125i?

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    RE: tdma 5125i phone


    Nokia PC Connectivity SDK supports only the phone models listed on Connection Methods webpage at Forum Nokia PC Connectivity SDK Developers section. With other phone models it is recommended to use AT-commands if the phone model supports PC connection and in most cases has internal modem. AT-command lists for Nokia GSM products are available at Forum Nokia website, under PC Connectivity SDK Developers section. There is currently no TDMA specific AT-command documentation available, however some AT-commands might have been included in the user documentation provided with the phone package.

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