Hi friends,
i have to show the icon when my app is enabled and when my app is diabled i have to show the 2nd icon,
I wrote the code in IndicatorIcon.cpp

AknIconUtils::CreateIconL(iIndicator1, iIndicatorMask1, KSysIconFile1,
CEikonEnv::Static()->CreateBitmapL(KSysIconFile, EMbmAvkonQgn_prop_bt_audio);
// iIndicatorMask = CEikonEnv::Static()->CreateBitmapL(KSysIconFile, EMbmAvkonQgn_prop_bt_audio_mask);
CEikonEnv::Static()->CreateBitmapL(KSysIconFile, EMbmAvkonQgn_prop_empty);
// iIndicatorMask = CEikonEnv::Static()->CreateBitmapL(KSysIconFile, EMbmAvkonQgn_prop_empty_mask);
SetRect(TRect(TPoint(KIndicatorPosX, KIndicatorPosY),iIndicator1->SizeInPixels()));
SetRect(TRect(TPoint(KIndicatorPosX, KIndicatorPosY),iIndicator2->SizeInPixels()));

// if aRedraw == ETrue just draw the canvas again.

i have creted the two mif file for each icon which is created successfully, and in the emulator its work fine but in the device it shows only one icon whether my app is disabled or enabled

plz help me out