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    problem about php and server side

    To all expert
    I have almost done with my project but I found some tricky problem.
    I need to change URL server from http://localhost/test/a.php to but the problem is in http://localhost/test/a.php
    I know where to create folder test but in real server side
    I don't know where to create folder test.

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    Re: problem about php and server side


    this is not exacly the best forum for server-side questions. Anyway, about your question, it depends a lot on the server you're using, and on the kind of access you've got.

    If your server is the same you use on localhost, so you're using a server on your local machine with a public IP, then there's no need to change anything. If you have some hosting space somewhere, then it should be enough to access it via FTP and create a folder on the root of your space.

    Hope it helps!

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    Re: problem about php and server side


    If the server is owned by you, you should have tools to manage/access it. Am I right?

    Check with your service provider for details.
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