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    Menu to an already established Jar Application

    Hi, Is it possible to make like a menu to an application e.g. a Game, which is stored in the overall application?

    So it will be like:

    Play Game

    And when you press Play game then it loads the game stored in the initial application.

    Just Want to know if this is possible. Thanks.


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    Re: Menu to an already established Jar Application

    Hi Felix,

    you can build such a menu using both high or low-level UI graphics.

    Using high-level UI, you could for example use an IMPLICIT List with 3 elements (1 for each game option).

    With low-level graphics, you have much more freedom about style and elements, but you have to handle all the painting and user interaction operations writing the by scratch.
    If you want to avoid this, but want a graphically richer user interface, you can also take at the available Java ME UI frameworks, that provide a lot of ready components to be used in your Java ME applications.


    PS: reading again your message, maybe I've misunderstood your question. If you want to add a new menu (or, generally speaking, some new code) to an already installed JAR, then it's not possible without updating the application itself (so, installing a new JAR)

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