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    Unhappy Debugging a Dll on device

    hi ..

    I am quite new to on device debugging, please forgive me if there are any blaring mistakes in this post

    I have a project which uses a dll from another project. Both projects are in my carbide workspace. I have set up TRK on my phone and I am using a usb cable to connect my phone to my pc. I can hit break points in the Exe that I am running but I cant seem to hit any of the break points in the Dll source. All I get are yellow warnings saying unresolved breakpoint.

    here are the steps I have already tried.
    • in the debug as dialogues source tab I have added the Dll's source
    • I have tried importing the Dll into the Exe project using the Import > symbian executable > pointing to the dll I need
    • I have also tried the method that was suggested here

    but all to no avail .. any help regarding debugging into a Dll on a device will be much appreciated ..

    thanks and regards

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    Re: Debugging a Dll on device

    You have to build the dll with debug informations (gcce udeb). After that you have to change the path in your *.pkg file (from ../urel/.. to ../udeb/..).


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    Re: Debugging a Dll on device

    You just have to change both dll and exe project to Debug [right click on project -> Build configurations -> Set active -> Phone Debug], [no need to change anything on pkg, carbide.c++ will take care].

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    Re: Debugging a Dll on device

    Just a note here on changing the path or not. If the paths are 'hard coded' (Example C:\Symbian\9.1\S60_3rd_MR\Epoc32\release\GCCE\UREL) , then you might have to change it for udeb, etc, but if the paths are using something like (EPOCROOT)Epoc32\release\$(PLATFORM)\$(TARGET) then you can skip changing, carbide will take care of it. Note though that you might not be able to build from command line if you are using the second one

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    Re: Debugging a Dll on device

    Check this screencast: Debugging DLLs Screencast

    Nokia Developer Wiki Moderation team

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