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    Problem with Skin enabling - disabling and Setting List in S60

    I got a huge problem regarding the setting list in N73(S60 3rd edition OS) and enabling - disabling the skin.

    1)If i create one setting list in N73 without enabling the skin then whenever i press the enter/fire key in the setting list, the application crashes. Now i'v enabled the skin for the container with setting list for N73 and the setting list is working fine. My question is, why one need to enable the skin to implement a control like the setting list(As this was not the given criteria, to implement the skin, for my application)???

    2)Now when installing the same build in N95(S60 3rd edition FP1 OS) this skin enabling for the setting list is effecting other container where nothing is done regarding the skin, specially containers with column list box and formatted cell list box is affected the most. I am setting the highlighted text color of the column list box to black but its coming white(which is default). Also for fomatted cell list box i am setting the background color to black which its not taking any effect it is coming white(which is default). Also the non highlighted text color is also becoming white(though programatically i'v set it to black), so making the non highlighted texts as invisible(white text on white background). But this problem is not there in the N73 device for the same build. The OSs' are supposed to be backward compatible but in this case whatever was working for N73 is not working for N95.
    Again half of the function given in the SDK doesn't work(for example setting the back color of the formatted cell list box).

    3)Again if i create another container where i'm disabling the skin after creating the setting list container, the skin effect for the setting list is deactivated and the crashes for the setting list, happen again. So Why One container's property forces to change the property of another container????

    4)Again in N73 and N95 both, if i enable or disable skin in any container and view that container and then go to another container, which was previously created, with edwin controls with ulpha-numeric input capabilities, the edwin dont take any alpha input(which it is supposed to take), instead it is only taking numeric input. But I checked the capabilities for all the edwins, its coming with EAllText and ENavigation capabilities given. Also the editor indicator is not showing at the navigation bar. Why this kind problem will happen for edwin control???

    5)The last but not the list is that if i navigate through only edwin screens if one container with edwin screen is created and visited after creating one container with edwin the previuosly created container's edwin behave like the same as i mentioned in the above point. So will it be not possible to create two container with edwin controls and visit them one after another???

    Please justify my questions and problems and tell me whether they are valid or not, also give me solutions for the valid ones.

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    Re: Problem with Skin enabling - disabling and Setting List in S60

    Does Nobody has any answer to my questions????
    So everybody is accepting that this is a "OS fault"?????

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