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    Installer problems on MR devices when a Central Repository update is embedded.

    Hi everyone.

    I have a problem with my installation file. I have a central repository as a part of the installation package that contains my own repository.

    Now problems occurs only on MR devices (I suspect, since the FP1 devices that I've tried don't have this issue).

    Basically when the central repository sis file is embedded I can't update the application with a newer version. (Error message: Unable to install) If I try to update the application with a version that doesn't contain the central repository sis file it seems like a deadlock occcurs in the installer, phone has to be restarted by removing the battery, also seems like the installed application get corrupted in the process.

    Below you can look at the pkg files that I have (I've renamed a couple of stuff so keep it it mind when you read them).

    -- Repository package file:
    ; Languages

    #{"Cent Rep Update"}, (<A specific UID>), 1, 0, 0, TYPE=SP

    ;Supports Series 60 v 3.0
    [0x101F7961], 0, 0, 0, {"Series60ProductID"}

    %{"Symbian Software Ltd."}

    :"Symbian Software Ltd."

    ; Install keyspace in Central Repository's private data cage
    "<My repository UID>.cre"-"c:\private\<A specific>\<My repository UID>.cre"

    -- Main installation file:
    %{"<A company name>"}
    :"<A company name>"


    ; standard SIS file header
    #{"<Application name>"},(<Package UID>),1,0,0, TYPE=SA

    ;Supports Series 60 v 3.0
    [0x101F7961], 0, 0, 0, {"Series60ProductID"}


    if exists("z:\system\install\series60v3.1.sis")
    @"APS_FP1\apsserver2.sisx", (0x200081CD)
    @"APS_MR\apsserver2.sisx", (0x200081CD)

    ;Central Repository
    @"cent_upg_signed.sis", (<A specific UID>)

    "\epoc32\release\gcce\urel\<App exe>"-"!:\sys\bin\<app_exe>.exe"

    "\epoc32\Data\z\private\101f875a\import\<Launcher UID>.rsc"-"c:\private\101f875a\import\[<Launcher UID>].rsc"

    "\epoc32\Data\Z\resource\apps\<App resoucre file>.rsc"-"!:\resource\apps\<App resource file>.rsc"

    "\epoc32\Data\Z\resource\apps\<App loc file>_loc.rsc"-"!:\resource\apps\<App loc file>_loc.rsc"

    "\epoc32\data\Z\resource\APPS\<App mbm file>.MBM"-"!:\resource\apps\<App mbm file>.MBM"

    "\epoc32\data\z\private\10003a3f\import\apps\<App reg file>_reg.rsc"-"!:\private\10003a3f\import\apps\<App reg file>_reg.rsc"

    ; Obigo client/server files
    "\epoc32\release\gcce\urel\<clien name>.dll"-"!:\sys\bin\<client name>.dll"

    "\epoc32\release\gcce\urel\<logger name>.dll"-"!:\sys\bin\<logger name>.dll"

    "\epoc32\release\gcce\urel\<server name>.exe"-"!:\sys\bin\<server name>.exe"

    ; Context sensitive help
    "..\help\<help file>.hlp"-"!:\resource\help\<help file>.hlp"

    ;Application Launcher
    "\epoc32\release\gcce\urel\<launcher exe>.exe"-"c:\sys\bin\<launcher exe>.exe"

    "\epoc32\data\z\private\10003a3f\import\apps\<launcehr reg file>_reg.rsc"-"!:\private\10003a3f\import\apps\<launcher reg file>_reg.rsc"

    ""-"c:\Apps\<App name>\<App ini file>.ini",FILENULL

    The question that I got is if this is a restriciton in MR devices when it comes to updating your own repository, I've read on some post somewhere that package type SP wasn't able to update already installed packages and they have to be removed before an update can be done on MR devices. But I still don't know why I can't update my application that was installed with a repository with an update that doesn't contain a repository.

    Can anyone shed some light on this subject ?

    Thanks in advance



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    Re: Installer problems on MR devices when a Central Repository update is embedded.

    For those that are interested. What I've manage to find out is that on MR devices it is better to distribute the Central Repository update as a seperate sis not embedded in the application sis. That way you can update the application at least.

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