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    D211 and D-Link DWL-900AP+

    I want to use a D211 in a WLAN with D-Link DWL-900AP+ Access Point.
    With operating mode "Ad-hoc" the Network is found by the D211 (SSID is
    enabled). Other WLAN Clients with hardware from D-Link (one PCI-Card, one PCMCIA-Card) work in this WLAN.
    For the D211 I have changed the channel to 10. The preamble type is "Long Preamble". WEP is disabled. I have defined a fixed IP which I assigned to the D211 (check with ipconfig under Win2000 is o.k.).
    After a lot of testing an searching in the internet and on this site I have no further idea what to do to get it running. GPRS and HSCSD are work.

    Any help is highly welcommed.

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    RE: D211 and D-Link DWL-900AP+


    I assume you have problems with infrastructure mode with Nokia D211 since you refer to D-Link AP? Ad-Hoc mode is not intented for communicating with access points. Would you tell in more details how the problems occur, please? Does the D211 show the network name (SSID) while trying to establish WLAN link through "easy infrastructure)? Does the D211 associate to the network after selecting the network name. Or is it the data flow that does not start correctly?

    Best Regards,

    Nokia D211 Support

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